Installation methods of conical twin-screws and barrel


1.1, Barrel installation, the center height of the axis and the degree of parallelism with gear box should be checked and adjusted.
1.2, Screw installation
1.2.1, Tool preparation, Magnetic base Dial indicator (range 0 to 5 mm), feeler gage, outside micrometer (range 0 to 25 mm), copper rod and some shims (thickness 0.1 to 1 mm)
1.2.2, screw adjustment,
I, Put screw A into barrel. Connecting barrel with gearbox, install coupling between screw and gearbox, and push screw back to gearbox until you can’t push anymore.
II, fasten dial indicator to the end of barrel, put the probe to the screw tip and zeroing dial indicator.
III, Moving screw forward with copper rod, measure the distance of moving.
IV, Make sure the distance of moving is 4 to 4.5mm by insect or remove shims. Put screw B into barrel and do I, II, III, IV the same way.
V, Put screw A and B into barrel at the same time, install screws and barrel to gearbox, push screws back to gearbox until you can’t push.
VI, Put the probe to the tip of screw A and zeroing dial indicator. Keep screw B motionless, moving screw A forward and record the distance of moving, the distance of moving should be 1.2 to 1.5mm, measuring many times to make sure the data is correct.
VII, Measure the moving distance of screw B in same way. Make sure moving distances of screw A and less than 0.1mm by insect and remove shims.
VIII, Push screw A and B back to gearbox until you can’t push anymore. Measure the gap between screw and barrel at the head of screw. The gap should be 0.15t o 0.2mm.
1.3, Installation done.

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