Screw and barrel maintenance method


Screw and barrel is one of the most important parts of extruder and injection machine, the performance of screw and barrel affect plasticization of ma...

CMT58 conical twin screw and barrel are ready for shipping


(HinaMach, Zhoushan, China, 10-11-2021)Conical twin screws and barrel for CMT58 conical twin screws extruder are ready for shipping....

Installation methods of conical twin-screws and barrel


1.1, Barrel installation, the center height of the axis and the degree of parallelism with gear box should be checked and adjusted.1.2, Screw installa...

Analysis of common problem in Injection product


Problem 1: Discolor, embrittlement, black spot appeared.Analysis: The main reasons are plastic, UV-absorbe, antistatic agent decomposed in barrel beca...

Insulation method of parallel twin screws and barrel


1.1, Put screw A and B into barrel at the same time, install screws and barrel to gearbox, push screws back to gearbox until you can’t push, screw tip...

Ø180mm screw elements for granules making machine


(Zhoushan, China, 10-07-2018) Ø180MM screw elements for granules making machine are ready for shipping in HINA factory, Zhoushan....

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