HFS series of plastic crusher for crushing different types of soft and hard plastic, the block, spherical, strip and outlet material crushed into particles, in the plastic industry, the plastic defective, waste, nozzle material from the rapid processing and recovery An important role in improving the utilization of plastic. 


1. The blades are made of special tool steel, the distance between blades are adjustable, if the blades are blunt, you can continue to use it after grinding they.

2. High-strength steel screws to fasten the blade on cutter shaft, better carry capacity.

3. The perimeter of the crushing chamber is soundproofed and the noise is minimal.

4. Separate design, hopper, subject, sieve mesh base is easy to clean the cleaning material.

5. Motor set with overload protection and power supply chain protection device, double protection of motor and personnel safety.

Staircase knife design, strong crushing force.

The main technical parameters:


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