How are we working? After placing an order at HinaScrew you will be assisted by a personal manager,which will monitor the entire process and regularly inform you about the progress.The main task of personal manager is to ensure strict adherence to deadlines, perfect quality and minimize the cost of the project. This ensures our customers a consistently high quality with minimum investment, which makes cooperation with HinaScrew very beneficial for the customers.

6 steps to cooperate with HinaScrew
Step 1: Contact us.
Step 2: Tell us the parameters of your screw and your requirements.
Step 3: Visit our company before ordering (if you need it).
Step 4: Order.
Step 5. Monitoring production and quality before shipment.
Step 6. Export - transport (deliver export and transport documents by express).

The main types of our products:
■ Bimetallic screws and barrels
■ Screws and barrels for extruders (single-screw and twin-screws)
■ screws and barrels for injection molding machines
■ Screws and barrels for rubber processing machine
■ The nitrided screws and barrels
■ Fully harden screws
■ parallel twin-screws and barrel
■ conical twin-screws and barrel
■ Other parts

When ordering screw and barrel, following points should be considered:
Drawing. If you have drawings of screw and barrel, it would be good, and this will save your valuable time! Unless you have a drawing and an inability to make drawing your specialists, we are ready to make a drawing for you.
Processed material. This is very important for the production of screws and barrels, conventional recyclable materials: PP, PC, PA, PE, ABS, PS, PVC, PMMA, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, PET etc. There are still some questions about recyclable materials, such as: fresh material or recyled material? Use talc, glass, calcium carbonate powder?
Delivery time: normally 25-35 days, depending on the complexity of screw and barrel.

Questions and answers:
In the process of working with our customers often had questions below:

Question: Where is HinaScrew?
A: Our company is located in Zhoushan (China), near the city of Shanghai and Ningbo, 280 km from Shanghai, 100 km from Ningbo. If you are planning to visit our company, we are ready to meet you!

Question: why HinaScrew screws and barrels are cheaper as compared to other suppliers?
Answer: 70% of the world screws and barrels are manufactured in China, and 70% of Chinese screws and barrels made in our city, is an economic advantage allows us to obtain the highest quality raw materials for the manufacture of screws and barrels for the low price and then offer customers the highest quality and low cost manufactured products. The more we work on the Russian market directly and without intermediaries, it also provides an optimal price.

Question: how to confirm that the screws and barrels suited to our machines?
Answer: In our company there are a lot of screws and barrels on Haitian, BEX, KMD, CMT, AMUT, Weber, ChenHsong, ChenDe, Tedric, JSW, etc. Let us know the dimensions and parameters, and we will offer you the right screws and barrels. Unless you have a drawing and an inability to make drawing your specialists, we are ready to make a drawing for you.

Question: How do you pack for screws and barrels before shipment?
A: usually wrap the screw and barrel in PE film and then packed in wooden crates. If you want to pack in another way, we are ready to pack for your needs.

Q: Can I order one screw or barrel only?
Answer: Of course you can!

Question: We have never worked with a Chinese factory, we do not know how to export from China.
A: We have worked with foreign customers for many years, our company has a very experienced export manager, after ordering an enterprise company HinaScrew will allocate you a personal account manager, it will help you to carry out the transaction in its entirety.

Question: What became of the screws and barrels are made from HinaScrew?
Answer: The standard screws and barrels are made of steel 38CrMoAlA, and for unusual recyclable materials, such as glass-filled material talkonapolnenny material melonapolnenny material, we can manufacture screws and barrels from steel SKD61, DC53, SKH55 (YXM4), EFZD, GH113. Our engineers will offer you a suitable option according to your recyclable materials.

Question: HinaScrew can supply other components, such as gears, heaters, vacuum pumps?
Answer: Of course, we always supply the screws and cylinders of other plants, and we have these plants a good relationship, so we get them a competitive price with high quality and best delivery time.

Question: how to contact HinaScrew?
Answer: You can find contact informations on the website.

We will be glad to answer all your questions!

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